Identity Journal

These are strange and difficult times we are living. I think I speak for everybody that is keeping on doing their work when I say that it needs extra effort to complete the regular tasks, usually done with ease.

In such times it is good to have resources to connect to the moment and be present, to be more mindful of ourselves and others and for keeping calm. Lucky for you, and me, art is a great tool in these situations, but only if you find a way to really express yourself through it.

The art project we are working on is called “The Expressive Face of Our Time”. We are now exploring the first steps of the project by working with the ‘Real Self/Ideal Self’ activities, where you are being guided through a creative process towards the artistic intention of showing something about your personality in your artwork.

I believe this is a good opportunity to start thinking about your relationship with the present moment, that is now ‘our time’ and what you would like to tell, express or communicate about it.

I invite you to start a journal where you can record your daily experience trying to live and express through art your emotions and ideas. You can record them in writing, drawing, painting, doodles, or any medium you choose. The aim is for you to register your thoughts, things you see that you want to capture, words that come to mind, colours, patterns, anything from your own perspective. For this, it is key that you contemplate your present routine and identify the moments that make you feel grounded, connected to your inner self. Think about what activities you enjoy and help you put your mind at ease.

This journal will be part of an interdisciplinary activity and transversal project between Art, Lengua and Tutoría. I believe Lenny told you to find a notebook just before quarantine started.

Everything you register in your notebook would be material to be used as a basis to create the final artwork of the whole project “The Expressive Face of Our Time”. I will give you material to guide you in this process shortly, but for now, you may just start the journal in your own personal way. Any kind of notebook you can find is okay (you can even make one yourself).

I hope you creatively engage with this task!

Assessment Rubric – Real Self / Ideal Self Project

This is the Assessment Rubric for the Evaluation of the project Real Self / Ideal Self:

In each COLUMN you will find a Category or Item, they reflect different areas and contents of the project.

In each ROW you will find a Level of achievement. From ‘Masterpiece’ at the top, which is the best score, to ‘Doodle’ at the bottom, which is the worst score.

You will see that each Level has got an achievement description for each category, so you can read what each of them mean and know where to place your work.

Here you can see the File in pdf: Assessment Rubric Real-Ideal Self


Observational Drawing – Real Self / Ideal Self

This activity is part 01 of your Activity Guidelines for the project Real Self / Ideal Self.

You should do an observational drawing by copying one of your collages in a proportionate way, using a grid.

Please upload a Picture of your finished drawing BEFORE next class, name the file: NameSurname_ObsDrawing

Click HERE to see the Task in google Classroom and to upload your drawing on its Drive Folder.

Due Date: Wednesday March 25th

Creative Work: Collage – Real Self / Ideal Self

This is the Code to join the Google Classroom of this project: vuamzes

There you will find the task  Creative Work: Collage (click here for link)


The instructions for this activity were explained last class on March 12th, but in case you need to refresh them you will find a Word Document there with everything explained.

What you have to do is UPLOAD a picture of each of your 5 collages to the Task’s Drive Folder (click here for link)



  1. Draw with a continuous line the representation of your ‘Real Self’ (done on March 5th).
  2. Draw with a continuous line the representation of your ‘Ideal Self’ (done on March 5th).
  3. Make 5 copies of both drawings. (You were asked to bring this on March 12th)
  4. Analyze and compare the formal elements of your Real Self and Ideal Self drawings.  Here you can find the instructions: Analysis Instructions March 12th
  5. Create 5 (five) new and different compositions with the collage technique, by combining parts of the copies of your drawings. Use the same expressive intention for the five collages, but the organization of the elements should be different in each case. (Started on March 12th – finish for homework for March 19th).